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Want a TB focused guild, running HSTR, pursuing Geonosis TB, but still have to life? Join RHAL!!

Discussion in 'Guild Outpost' started by TK421, Jun 13, 2019 at 9:49 AM.

  1. TK421

    TK421 New Member

    Oct 2, 2017
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    We are a 185 mil GP guild within the WWL (We With Lives) alliance. A great group and community always willing to help you out even if it isn’t game related. We do understand that people have lives, so you won't be removed for minor issues. If there is a problem, let us know. Leave of absences can be arranged. 5 of the 6 guilds in WWL are farming HSTR so there is a wealth of knowledge in the alliance.
    • Minimum 500 tickets daily with 600 preferred. ⁃ Synced swgoh.gg profile.
    • Discord chat app and active communication required. - Roster ready for STR, TB, and working on TW teams. - Rancor: Simmed after 24 hr ZDP.
    • hAAT: Launch at 1:00pm ET/6:00 pm GMT. 24 hr ZDP, then 15 min delay before any damage, then 1 hr delay before posting damage for full solos.
    • hSTR: 9:00am ET/2:00 pm GMT and 3pm ET/8:00 pm GMT. 24 hr ZDP. We have players from all around the world, so we alternate.
    • 44 ⭐️ in LS TB and 46 ⭐ DS TB. -US based Central time guild reset.
    If this looks appealing to you, friend me on Discord eamus_catuli#3545 or join or Recruitment Server and we can chat. https://discord.gg/7XHkDy

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