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THE 1 FORCE are recruiting! 193+mgp guild looking for focused members!

Discussion in 'Guild Outpost' started by Sam Dring, Jan 26, 2020.

  1. Sam Dring

    Sam Dring New Member

    Jan 26, 2020
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    The 1 Force


    The 1 Force is looking for a few new dedicated players!

    What we offer:

    ⁃ GeoTB Focused Guild with 18+ Wat Shards (and counting)

    ⁃ 180+mil GP Guild with great TW rewards

    ⁃ Veteran Officers and Leadership always willing and able to help guide and direct players

    Guild resets are suited for our US and EU players.

    What we look for in a New Recruit:

    ⁃ Semi-Hard Core players focused on new and upcoming content

    ⁃ Daily Discord and in-game activity

    ⁃ Must have swgoh.gg profile set-up

    ⁃ Participation in all Raids and Guild Events

    ⁃ In possession of or focused on High-Gear Squads required for TW Defense/Offense and Geo TB missions

    Contact us directly on Discord: Guru#5346

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