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Ship Highlight: Sun Fac’s Geonosian Starfighter

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Electricboa, Nov 22, 2018.

  1. Electricboa

    Electricboa Moderator Staff Member

    Dec 5, 2015
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    With the Ships 2.0, I thought I might take the opportunity to put together a series on the viability/usefulness of some ships. I say some because I’m not sure if I’ll do them all. I’d like to discuss the utility of the ship itself as well as the usefulness of the pilots throughout the game.

    Today’s ship is Sun Fac’s Geonosian Starfighter


    Classified as a tank, Sun Fac’s Geonosian Starfighter has recently been put into the spotlight by the Ships 2.0 update due in large part to the Geonosian synergy and his general use as a reinforcement tank.


    The first thing everyone should consider is the difficulty of farming the ship and pilots. Sun Fac’s Geonosian Starfighter is incredibly easy to farm. The pilot (Sun Fac) is moderate.

    Sun Fac

    At one point, Sun Fac shined as a PTP part of a meta team, taking advantage of his counter attack dispel attack that disrupted any team that relied on buffs to be successful. As mechanics like Daze and teams that didn’t need buffs to win became more common, Sun Fac got pushed to the side as better tanks came out.

    Sun Fac himself can be found in Guild Shipments and the Fleet Store. This makes him a moderate farm, as those locations both have a lot of characters and ships to choose from. His ship is easier to get and is located in many places. My suggestion is to only farm from the Ships Table 2-A or the GW Shipments (preferable).

    The other locations are generally not worth it, as they either have more exclusive characters there or the currency for that shop is more ‘valuable.’ I would like to talk about how I define the value of a shop currency, since that does heavily influence where I suggest you farm. Let’s take two examples: GW Shipments and Guild Store.

    Assuming you can complete the GW, you’ll get 1,200 currency per day. The currency from the Guild store comes from several sources, including Daily guild Challenges (~300 per day) and from events/raids. Because events and raids tend to take multiple days, you’re never going to get as much Guild Store currency in, say, a week as you would get currency from GW. This makes the Guild Store currency worth more because it’s more difficult to come by. Right now, the Guild events Store is the most difficult to get, which is why you should never farm characters there (other than the exclusive Wampa and Hermit Yoda). It’s important to maximize how you spend what you have to make the most of it.​

    Ship Utility

    Sun Fac’s Starfighter plays two primary roles in the game. The crux depends on whether you’re running Sun Fac as part of a Geonosian fleet or as a general tank reinforcement.

    As part of a Geonosian Fleet, Sun Fac has incredible synergy with the Geonosian Spy and Geonosian Soldier’s ships. They give each other bonuses when they’re in battle together and can be called to mass-assist for considerable burst damage. Sun Fac is the tank of the group.

    As part of a general reinforcement, Sun Fac provides control. Upon being called in, he stuns whoever you have targeted. Because his special can stun a buffed enemy, it’s common for a savvy player to use this to their advantage and get two stuns out of it by targeting the correct enemies.

    Air Superiority
    The basic attack. It applies Target Lock only when attacking outside of it’s turn. This can be limiting, but it is designed to be utilized by the other Geonosians. If you can give this unit Retribution, you can get the same effect without needing to be called in.​

    Prime Target
    This attack stuns any buffed enemy. It’s short, sweet, and very effective at controlling your opponent. If there’s no one buffed on the other side, it’s recommended you save this attack. It really doesn’t help you much unless your opponent has a buffed ship. FYI: Taunt counts as a buff.​

    This one is the least complicated of the Geonosian ships. All Geonosian allies get +10% Crit Avoidance for each Geonosian. Because there are 3 in the game, a full team will have +30%.

    This is also where the tank classification comes from. When a buffed enemy gets their turn, Sun Fac taunts and gains 60% defense for that turn only and gets +30% TM. This is incredibly powerful, as no amount of dispel will stop it. The taunt will just come back the next time a buffed enemy moves. Buff Immunity does render SunFac impotent, though. In addition, he’s useless as a tank against enemies without buffs. Just something to keep in mind. He’s a passive tank, not an active one.​

    Repulsor Array Control

    Stuns the targeted enemy and cannot be evaded or resisted. This can be fun to use against TIE Fighter, since the stun works though Foresight and since it cannot be evaded, TIE’s natural evasion is taken out of the equation. Also removes 15% TM from all other enemies.​

    Final Verdict

    After the 2.0 update to ships, Sun Fac was quickly recognized as one of the new ‘best’ ships out there. He’s amazing with his fellow Geonosians, but works on any team because of his Reinforcement ability. Ideally, you’re going to probably want to build a Geonosian fleet in the long run (or faster if you have a competitive fleet arena), but Sun Fac is probably going to be your first.
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  2. Marc Tessier

    Marc Tessier Well-Known Member

    Mar 10, 2016
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    Nice write up, Boa. I look forward to this series.
  3. SumiXam

    SumiXam Moderator Staff Member

    Apr 4, 2016
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    Always enjoy your analysis, Boa. Looking forward to the others

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