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Ship Highlight: Hound's Tooth

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Electricboa, Dec 2, 2018.

  1. Electricboa

    Electricboa Moderator Staff Member

    Dec 5, 2015
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    With the Ships 2.0, I thought I might take the opportunity to put together a series on the viability/usefulness of some ships. I say some because I’m not sure if I’ll do them all. I’d like to discuss the utility of the ship itself as well as the usefulness of the pilots throughout the game.

    Today’s ship is the Hound’s Tooth

    Classified as a tank, the Hound’s Tooth is one of the most annoying ships out there. At the time I’m writing this, it’s the best tank in the game and will probably be one of the top ones for the foreseeable future. It fits into any fleet and can stonewall like you wouldn’t believe


    The first thing everyone should consider is the difficulty of farming the ship and pilots. Both the Hound’s Tooth and its pilot, Bossk, are incredibly difficult to get


    With the Bounty Hunter rework, Bossk became integral to pretty much every version of that team. Whether as a leader or as a non-leader tank, you’re going to want him. The bad news is he’s only available on DS 9-B Hard. That makes him pretty much one of the hardest characters to get in the game (not counting special event characters and ones like Wampa and Hermit Yoda). It’s going to take you a very long time to farm him, but he’s so integral to Bounty Hunter teams you’re going to have to do it.

    Bounty Hunter teams are required for DS TB and are used extensively in TW. Bossk is a soft requirement for getting OG Chewbacca. It can be done without him, but you’re pretty much going to have to sell your soul to RNGesus to do it, and it’ll probably still take you hours. So you are getting a good character along with the ship. It’s not like some other ships where the pilot is next to useless in the rest of the game.

    The ship itself is located on LS 8-D Hard. There’s also Stormtrooper on that node. You might ask yourself why they didn’t put it on Bossk’s node? Because CG wanted to make it harder to get the ship. This way you have to farm two nodes instead of one.​

    Ship Utility
    Hound’s Tooth can be used in your starting line-up or as a reinforcement, but it’s a pure tank.

    Tooth and Nail
    Short and simple. You dispel all debuffs on Hound’s Tooth, which can make things like Buff Immunity a short-lived reprieve for the other side. When it’s taunting, Hound’s Tooth will also recover 10% health and protection.
    Devourer of Prey
    This is the taunting ability, which it gains for 2 turns. It also attempts to apply Breach, which is a Bounty Hunter ship mechanic. We’ll get into that a little more with the Unique, but Breach itself reduces speed and defense by 25%
    Trandoshan Barricade
    This is going to be a long one, but it’s the heart of what makes Hound’s Tooth as good as it is. Whenever Hound’s Tooth takes damage, it gains +25% protection up for 2 turns. This is stacking. So think of this as the ship version of Nest. This can rapidly become impossible to overcome because at a certain point, the damage dealt won’t eat through the bonus protection so Hound’s Tooth can shut down entire fleets on its own. The difference with Nest is the protection bonus is a buff. That means ships like TIE Advanced can remove the buff (and all the protection) Buff Immunity can prevent the protection gain, too.

    The next component of the Hound’s Tooth is its interaction with Breach. All Bounty Hunters have their own version. Hound’s Tooth regains Taunt for one turn as long as there is an enemy with Breach. So his special says Hound’s Tooth will get taunt for two turns, but if it does apply Breach, that taunt will last as long as someone has Breach. This gets compounded when used with other Bounty Hunter ships, as they apply Breach, too. In addition, enemies with Breach have -25% Evasion as long as Hound’s Tooth is on the field.

    And finally, we have another set of bonuses that occur when the Hound’s Tooth is not taunting. It gains +50% Tenacity and +25% TM whenever an ally is hit (multi attacks only trigger this once per turn). This makes it incredibly difficult to prevent Hound’s Tooth from taunting. When completely maxed, it has a base Tenacity of 58.48%. Add +50% on top of that and the odds of you actually getting Buff Immunity or Ability Block on Hound’s Tooth before it can taunt are razor thin. Even worse, the TM you give it when you attack other ships puts you on a ticking clock if you do get lucky. Not to mention any ship that can apply debuffs for more than one turn will get removed by the basic anyway.
    Secure the Hunt
    This reinforcement ability is broken into two parts for me. Upgrading to level 1 makes sense for everyone who uses Hound’s Tooth as a reinforcement (usually the first slot). Giving everyone else +25% Tenacity is a pretty good thing. The level 2 upgrade gives other Bounty Hunter ships +5% counter chance each time they resist a debuff. It’s stacking, but useless if you aren’t using Bounty Hunter ships.​

    Final Verdict

    Hound’s Tooth is a pain to fight, pure and simple. At lower star counts, the ship does seem squishy, but that goes away as you get it up to 7 stars. There seem to be two main methods for dealing with Hound’s Tooth by FTP players (at least as of the time I’m writing this).

    Geonosians under a Thrawn lead can do enough raw damage to take out Hound’s Tooth early on. You would use Art of War to get Offense Up on Spy and Solider, then use their assist attacks to deal massive damage. If you’re lucky, Hound’s Tooth will get Defense Down. This method is probably the most reliable, but can fail spectacularly if you don’t manage to take out Hound’s Tooth. It can regain its health and protection, all the while the rest of the ships you can’t touch take pot shots at you.

    The second method is control. The idea is to use ships like TIE Advanced, TIE Fighter, etc. to prevent Hound’s Tooth from taunting or to remove the taunt and apply Buff Immunity, both of which are difficult because of the Tenacity bonus. Truth be told, this never worked for me.

    Regardless of how you deal with enemy Hound’s Tooth ships, it’s always nice to have such a versatile and effective ship on your side. It’s arguably the best ship in the game right now. If not, it’s easily in the top 5 and is likely going to stay that way.​
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  2. Marc Tessier

    Marc Tessier Well-Known Member

    Mar 10, 2016
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    I'd say Hound's Tooth is the most essential ship in the game at the moment.
  3. Dagor

    Dagor Well-Known Member

    Aug 23, 2018
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    Might make an update that Jango Fett shards are on the node with Hound's Tooth now instead of Stormtrooper. Definitely worthwhile node to farm, at least for those that don't have Hound's Tooth already...

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