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Ship Highlight: Biggs Darklighter’s X-Wing

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Electricboa, Dec 2, 2018.

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    Dec 5, 2015
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    With the Ships 2.0, I thought I might take the opportunity to put together a series on the viability/usefulness of some ships. I say some because I’m not sure if I’ll do them all. I’d like to discuss the utility of the ship itself as well as the usefulness of the pilots throughout the game.

    Today’s ship is Biggs Darklighter’s X-Wing

    Classified as a tank, Biggs’ X-Wing was arguably the best ship in the game up until very recently. It had been part of the ship meta from the beginning and it’s also one of the many ships that suffers from bad naming. It should be called Red Three, since that’s the call sign it flew under during the Battle of Yavin.


    The first thing everyone should consider is the difficulty of farming the ship and pilots. Biggs’ X-Wing and pilot (Biggs) are both incredibly easy to farm

    Biggs Darklighter
    Biggs and Wedge were the first ‘high synergy’ duos in the game and dominated the meta for a time. Nowadays, he’s a solid Rebel attacker (still always paired with Wedge) and works well in all areas of the game, though his use in the high end of the arena is currently low. He can be farmed in Galactic War shipments, Cantina 3-G, DS 4-A (Hard), and is randomly found in Guild Events and the Fleet Store. The only place you should ever farm him is from Galactic War. Anywhere else is wasting your resources.

    Biggs’ X-Wing is also found in the Galactic War Shipments as well as the Guild Events and the Fleet Store. Just like the pilot, only farm him from the Galactic War shipments. So much of this game is resource management. There are ships and characters exclusive to the Cantina or Fleet Store that you can’t get anywhere else. If you use that currency or energy on someone like Biggs or his X-Wing, you’re missing out on being able to farm the more exclusive characters.

    My suggestion for the most efficient way to get both Biggs and his X-Wing from the Cantina is to keep 400-800 GW currency always in reserve. The ships found in the GW store are random, so you will likely have days where Biggs’ X-Wing never shows up. If you keep that reserve, you should be able to get it when he does show up. Use the rest of your currency for Biggs himself. This lets you farm both, while mitigating the randomness of the X-Wing as best you can.​

    Ship Utility

    As a tank, the main purpose of Biggs’ X-Wing is to be attacked. By doing so, you protect your more fragile ships. The key to survivability here is Target Lock. Biggs’ X-Wing works best on a team that can apply Target Lock as often as possible.

    Hit the Mark
    The basic attack. It applies Target Lock on a critical hit, and gains +5% crit chance for each Rebel ally. Biggs’ X-Wing is a universal tank, so you might never take advantage of the Rebel synergy here, just something to keep in mind when considering Ship Omegas.​

    Academy Maneuver
    This is Biggs’ assist attack. As long as you use it against a Target Locked enemy, he calls in an assist. If you’re lucky, you call in someone that can apply Target Lock on their basic, which makes Biggs last longer. This attack applies Offense Down whether the enemy is Target Locked or not, but I would recommend never using it unless they are Target Locked.​

    Daring Assault
    This is why Biggs is so great. Every time an enemy becomes Target Locked, Biggs recovers Protection (40%) and taunts for 2 turns. If you attack with the TIE Advanced’s basic, you get Protection and taunt. If you have Scimitar and your opponent reinforced (Scimitar automatically applies Target Lock on all reinforcements), you get Protection and Taunt. And this can be done to enemies that are already Target Locked. It can still be applied and you still get the benefits. This can be used in a variety of unique and effective ways.

    One good example of this is Slave I. It has Taunt and Retribution (counter) when called as a reinforcement. Slave I’s basic attack can apply Target Lock. You can easily have a situation where your Biggs is near-dead and you call in Slave I. Your opponent attacks Slave I, it counters, and Biggs’ X-Wing recovers Protection.​

    Engine Tuning
    When being called as a reinforcement, Biggs’ X-Wing gains Protection Up (30%) and applies Target Lock on the target enemy. I would never recommend using Biggs as a reinforcement. His strength as a tank is almost always best when he’s in your starting lineup.​

    Final Verdict

    As good as his ship sounds, it has been overshadowed by Sun Fac’s Fighter and Hound’s Tooth as high-end tanks. Biggs is by no means obsolete, but his role has been greatly reduced. That being said, I do still see one every now and then at the top of my fleet arena, so it can work.

    At this point, I would probably say Biggs is more of a beginner tank. The pilot and ship are easy to farm, which makes him very accessible for people just getting into ships. I would also point out that Thrawn’s Chimaera requires Rebel ships, so Biggs is probably one of the best choices for that event right now.

    Will we see him become stronger in the meta? Possibly if we start to see more Rebel ships. Right now, Sun Fac’s Fighter and Hound’s Tooth have strong synergy with their own factions. Rebels never really had a good enough fleet combination to be the meta. Biggs was used because he was universal. Maybe we’ll see some future Rebel ship click and make Biggs amazing. Luke Skywalker’s Red 5 would be a good choice.

    But for now, Biggs is a good tank, but will start to get shaky as you run into Geonosians, Bounty Hunters, or Republic fleets in the top end of your arena.​

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