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Nute Rework

Discussion in 'Characters, Skills and Equipments' started by SumiXam, May 14, 2019.

  1. SumiXam

    SumiXam Moderator Staff Member

    Apr 4, 2016
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    UNIT NAME: Nute Gunray
    CATEGORIES: Dark Side, Support, Leader, Scoundrel, Separatist
    Separatist Support who specializes in sabotaging enemy strategies

    Changes Highlighted in Green


    Basic: Hard Bargain
    FINAL TEXT: Deal Physical damage to target enemy. If the target had Extortion, reduce the cooldown of Motivate by 1

    Special 1: Dubious Dealings (Cooldown 2)
    FINAL TEXT: Grant the Extortion ability to target enemy. If they already had Extortion, grant it to the weakest enemy that does not have it. Then, inflict Speed Down on all enemies for 2 turns and deal 20% Max Health damage to enemies with Extortion, which can't be evaded. Enemies who use Extortion grant Profit to allied Separatists.

    Extortion: Remove Extortion, recover 10% Health, and grant Separatist enemies Profit.

    Profit: +10% Critical Chance and Critical Damage per stack (max 50%) until the end of battle

    Special 2: Motivate (Cooldown 4)
    Dispel all buffs on target enemy and increase their cooldowns by 1, which can't be evaded. If the target had Extortion, call all other Separatist allies to assist.

    Leader: Backroom Subterfuge
    FINAL TEXT: Separatist allies have +15% Speed and Potency for each enemy with Extortion. While Nute Gunray is alive, each enemy that ends their turn with Extortion dispels their own buffs and grants Extortion to another random enemy that doesn't have it.

    Unique: Viceroy's Reach
    FINAL TEXT: Whenever a Separatist ally inflicts a debuff, they also deal 5% Max Health damage to that enemy, which can't be evaded, and enemies with Extortion have -30% Speed and Offense.

    The first time Nute Gunray is defeated, he is revived with 100% Health and Turn Meter. Every time Nute Gunray is revived, he Stealths for 2 turns.

  2. Electricboa

    Electricboa Moderator Staff Member

    Dec 5, 2015
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    He looks better, but I'm not sure about his whole Extortion synergy. Unless we get someone else that uses it, I don't know if he'd be a better leader than Dooku for non-droid Seps.

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