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Discussion in 'Characters, Skills and Equipments' started by Electricboa, Oct 2, 2019.

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    Dec 5, 2015
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    Well, I did post over in the progress mega topic about switching over to a Negotiator fleet. I know ships is more of a complicated affair than regular squad arena, so I figured I’d talk a little about it for anyone thinking about switching over.

    I’ll start by saying that it looks like a Negotiator meta (I’m going to refer to it as GK from now on because I’m lazy and typing 8 more letters every time will just get old real fast) is a lot more unforgiving on pilots. One of the nice things about Falcons was that if you had a Falcon, you had a genuine shot at beating just about any other Falcon team you would come across. Bistan was the only thing that could make it an RNG fest. GK doesn’t really have a cheesy way to be beaten in a mirror match. Because of that, you’re going to be punished for having lower gear, fewer Zetas, fewer Mk 6 mods, and lower relic levels than other players.

    That’s not to say you can’t win, but it’s not pretty and not as sure of a win as a Falcon team. Speaking of which, let’s talk about the Falcon. If you have GK and want to beat a Falcon team, this is a decent video on it:

    If you have a Falcon and want to beat GK, I never had any trouble winning with my Falcon/Bistan/Biggs team, but I can’t really speak to doing it without Bistan. I know other people in my ship arena who have done it, but it does take longer. I would usually go hard after Anakin to pop his Unending Loyalty and then wait until he came out of stealth and finished him off. Without Anakin, the team does struggle a bit.

    The big thing with GK fleets is going to be mirror matches. A 5-star GK ship is on par with 7-star Home Ones, so we could see a shift as people get that star count up. GK is looking at a solid ~50% more damage when everything is said and done from ability upgrades alone. But I do think speed on GK is going to be the most important here and that’s entirely because of Ahsoka.

    The standard GK fleet is going to be Hounds Tooth, Anakin, and Fives. You’ll want Republic reinforcements. Ahsoka and Clone Sergeant are the top standouts that I think people are likely to have. Clone Sergeant is relatively easy to gear and is a solid tank that can be brought out to continually taunt. Ahsoka is key to a Padme team and she’s the second main attacker besides Anakin. Her special attack resets whenever the enemy reinforces. So if your GK goes first and you call her it, you can immediately use her special and when the other capital ship reinforces, you get the cooldown reset for free. That special can hit hard, so you want to use it even if the target doesn’t have any buffs.

    Another reason you want GK going first is it’s first attack. Mobilize is it’s AOE Daze and mass assist. If you get that off first and land the Dazes, then when the other GK does the same attack, you’ve taken the teeth out of their mass assist. Unfortunately, this does depend on RNG. I’ve gone first and not gotten a single Daze. That’s about the worst thing that can happen.

    As far as the last reinforcement ship (5-star GK only has 3 reinforcements), the best choice would be Plo Koon. Unfortunately, he’s pretty worthless everywhere else right now and isn’t necessarily required to be able to win. Maybe if he gets a rework, that will change. Mine is G9 now and I don’t have any plans to upgrade him until we see what LS Geo TB holds or he gets a rework.

    That leaves two other Republic ships to choose from. Jedi Consular is a decent ship, but suffers the same issues as Plo. He’s not really worth gearing (unless you’ve already done so). And if you were going to gear someone purely for ships, Plo is a better choice.

    That leaves Rex, who is the one I have in my last slot. His ship isn’t great, but it isn’t bad. Odds are, you’ll only ever call Sergeant or Ahsoka anyway. I have Rex at G12 and I imagine most people who have played for a long time have him geared.

    There are some honorable mentions as potential other choices. I think Ahsoka is pretty set in stone, but you might not have Sergeant or Rex ready. If you were heavily invested in the Falcon meta, you might have Bistan ready. His Target Lock synergy would work with a GK fleet, which does rely on TL. I would also say Sun Fac is a solid choice. He could replace Sergeant as a reinforcement tank. There’s no Republic synergy, but the stuns could come in handy.

    Hopefully, that sheds a little light on what very likely is the next ship meta.
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