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Mod Slicing: Why Grey Mods Are Great

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Electricboa, Oct 15, 2018.

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    Dec 5, 2015
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    This isn’t exactly a guide, per se. This is more along the lines of advice for how to best take advantage of the new mod slicing system. The first thing to do is lay a little groundwork. You need mods to do slicing, so it might be to your benefit to spend your energy farming for mods for a bit before getting into slicing.

    Before mod slicing was an option, Gold/A tier mods were the most valuable to us because we could see what the secondaries would be and be guaranteed the most chances to upgrade the speed secondary. And if you’ve been playing the game for a while, you know the agony of getting a Gold mod and upgrading it only to have the speed stat never get touched. Those hurt a lot. But the new mod slicing feature now lets us upgrade lower quality mods into higher ones. That Grey/E mod you have can be taken all the way to Gold. Sure, it takes a bit of work, but it can be well worth it in the end.

    I’m sure that most of us have a lot of mods of all different tiers with speed secondaries (as that’s really the only stat we generally care about). When mod slicing first came out, I focused on getting my arena team to Mk 6. As important as that was, it occurred to me that our ‘best’ mods are often already Purple or Gold to get the best speed secondaries. But we also get limited by the speed sets. Take my Palpatine. I was using a +9 speed Diamond mod because it was needed to complete my Speed set. +9 isn’t all that great, but it was worth it because the set bonus was worth more than breaking the set up. That was a Gold mod, which had only upgraded speed twice.

    Well, I started looking at my all my mods and it dawned on me that the material cost to upgrade a Grey mod was pretty low. Over all this time, I had collected a ton of Grey mods with speed secondaries. For the low cost of 10 Salvage, I could see if I could get the speed stat to upgrade a second time. So I started doing it and a couple did upgrade. I decided to upgrade those mods again to see if I could get a 3rd one. One, on my FO Officer, did go to +15. At that point, it was better than my Palpatine’s mod so I took it to Gold, where it upgraded again to +20.

    The point here is I was able to cheaply upgrade my Grey mods until I got a speed boost. That could very well be the best way for you to work on getting some ‘god’ mods. Buying mods from the mod store can get very expensive and there’s no guarantee that the speed will upgrade if you do buy it. But the energy to farm mod salvage is pretty easy to come by.

    Now, I am personally focusing on speed sets because that’s what I use on my arena team. I would recommend those over any others if you’re still trying to build a good arena team mod set. Speed is the set almost anyone can benefit from, so meta changes won’t affect it nearly as much as other sets.

    In time, you are going to want to take your mods to Mk 6, but be aware that only G12 characters can use those mods. If the meta changes and you end up needing to use a G11 character on your team, the Mk 6 mods will not work on them. That can backfire if all your best speed secondaries are ‘locked.’

    Also, you might want to take a look at what the primary stat will be when you upgrade:

    This site shows you. It can help you prioritize which mods you upgrade first. For example, the protection primary upgrade is so little that you’re better off doing those dead last.
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