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How to do 600 Raids tickets daily

Discussion in 'Guides' started by costahd, Jul 10, 2017.

  1. costahd

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    May 23, 2017
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    Many guilds and many guild members have an old issue, raid tickets and their guild do less Raids.

    This is an excellent guide to get for more tickets and more Raids. This is a must have guide for every guild.

    1. Raid Tickets
    • Tickets used by your Guild to start a raid
    • To start a Heroic Rancor your Guild need 60.000 tickets
    • For Heroic Tank Takedown (HAAT) your Guild need 90.000 tickets

    How to do 600 tickets daily ?
    • Every 1 Energy or Cantina Energy spent = 1 Raid Ticket
    • Spent every day 600 (Energy + Cantina Energy) to do 600 Raid Tickets

    How to check ?
    • Your Raid Tickets are shown on Guild Activities > Daily Raid Tickets > Personal
    • The total Raid Tickets are shown on Guild Activities > Daily Raid Tickets > Guild Total

    2. Daily Activities and Guild Currency
    • Doing the Daily Activities you will get Guild Currency
    • Guild Currency can be used to buy from Guild Store for your personal use
    • the Guild will not benefit from your Guild Currency

    3. Contribution
    • this is the top of guild members who got Guild Currency for using in Guild Store

    Source: starwarsgoheroes.blogspot.com/2017/06/how-to-do-600-tickets-daily.html

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