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Discussion in 'Guides' started by Dagor, Aug 4, 2020.

  1. Dagor

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    Aug 23, 2018
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    So Themistocles asked about it, so I figured I would make a thread here to talk about it. So one popular Discord bot for both guilds and individuals is one called Hotbot.

    For individuals, it gives you the ability to graphically compare your roster to someone else's. This allows you to compare your rosters at a glance and see relevant information like character speed, damage, hp, prot, tenacity, etc comparatively with your own. It focuses primarily on the current meta 'key characters'. So right now (Aug 2020) it's going to compare GL's, JKL, GAS, Padme, GG, DR, Malak, etc primarily. It is color-coded so anything highlighted in Green shows that your character is superior in that stat, if it's red on your opponent, they have the better stat.

    This obviously has the greatest benefit for GAC. You can compare your profile to up to 7 others at one time and get an image similar to the one I shared on the other thread. You can also use this tool in recruiting for your guild as you can simply run the ,profile command and pull up any allycode that is registered with swgoh. This will show you at a glance the mod quality, roster strength and which key characters the player has. It's an incredibly powerful tool for that. These tools can all be used for free on the hotbot discord server or on any server where hotbot resides. There is a limit to how many compares you can do for free each month I think, could be per week, I don't recall which.

    There are also two tiers at which you can 'donate' to the creator on Patreon to gain additional features. At the first level ($5/mo), you get access to unlimited compares and profile pulls. You also gain the ability to add your alts to your profile if you want to utilize the features for an alt as well.

    The second level ($10/mo) is where it's at though if you're serious about the game. With this you can utilize a web-based interface to connect the bot with your account using facebook or google account connection. This allows the bot to pull data directly from the game api in order to process compares automatically. So instead of needing to manually find all the ally codes for your pod and type out ,gacompare allycode1, allycode2, allycode3, allycode4, allycode5, allycode6, allycode7 you simply type out ,gacompare. It's glorious. Full disclosure at this point, doing this DOES technically qualify as account sharing since the bot is connecting to your account in order to pull this data automatically. However, the creator has personally been in contact to ensure that the functionality falls within the rules that CG has set forth and CG has determined that this is a service and not account sharing.

    The more important feature that gets added with the second level is mod management utilizing the Grand Ivory site. Grand Ivory is a nice website on it's own, it will pull your data on characters and equipped mods from the SWGOH.GG website and then it allows you to go through and set a priority list for your squads and then it will compile the best possible mods from those you have equipped for your roster, top to bottom. It uses the order that you add characters to your priority queue to determine where your best mods should go. For some characters there are multiple profiles to select from (GK for instance as a default, slow tank, or fast tank setting), you can take the default, or you can create your own stat priority mix if you wanted to be that crazy. Once you hit process, it will tell you which mods you need to move and where they currently are. It's very useful, but time consuming.

    That's where this second tier of Hotbot comes into play. First thing it does is it ALSO loads your unequipped mods to the pool of potential mods. That alone is a big deal because you may have some mods laying around that have good stats for certain characters and if they aren't equipped, Grand Ivory will not see them without Hotbot. The other benefit is that you can simply press a button and Hotbot will actually move all those mods automatically for you. If you have ever done a full roster re-mod, you would know that this alone saves about an hour or more of your time.

    I'll add the guild features when I get home tonight, that's another area where it becomes a massive time-saver.

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