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Darth Revan counters

Discussion in 'Battle Advice' started by Dagor, May 29, 2019.

  1. Dagor

    Dagor Active Member

    Aug 23, 2018
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    Thought I'd post this here since I'm sure several of you are seeing this team in arena or GA/TW. If you don't have your own DR/Malak or yours is slow, you may be having trouble getting through it. One of the communities I'm active in found a great hidden counter that most of you WILL have.

    Jedi Knight Revan
    Grand Master Yoda
    Grand Admiral Thrawn
    Jolee Bindo
    Bastila Shan

    There are some keys to making this work for you. First of all is the mods. Jedi Revan needs to go first. Remember that with this team you are getting +35 speed from Revan's leadership. Yoda needs to go before the opposing Fallen Bastila (can go before Darth Revan or after, doesn't matter a whole lot, but if he goes before both you might save your Revan from getting buff blocked by Darth Revan) he also needs at least +1000 special damage (higher if possible). Thrawn should be as fast as you can make him there as well. The rest don't matter too much, just standard arena modding should be fine on Jolee and Bastila.

    Revan needs to focus Darth Revan at the start, even though you don't get the assists (delays the fear). Then you need Yoda uses Battle Meditation to put Tenacity up on your team to eat Fallen Bastila's debuffs. Then ideally Thrawn goes next and fractures Darth Revan. Then generally Bastila will go next, you use her to buff Yoda, making sure to target Sith Trooper (if you target Revan, yoda can't assist and doesn't get the TM from the attack). On my team, Yoda goes before Jolee gets his first turn, so I just use Yoda's basic to knock the rest of the protection off Revan (save his special for his next attack) and then Jolee does his basic. Yoda should go pretty quickly after this and this will be when you use Yoda's special and finish off Darth Revan in one shot. Then whittle down the others, I usually take out HK next if he's there (dispel Sith Trooper with Bastila ideally or kill him first), then Bastila, then Malak, then Sith Trooper if I haven't already taken him out. This wins probably 80% of the time as long as your speeds are good at the start. You have to be selective with your choice of opponents definitely.

    The kill order after Revan isn't super important. I prefer to kill HK as early as possible simply because he is the biggest threat from a damage standpoint with his Assassination Protocol able to one shot just about anyone with relative ease. Try to put up Battle Meditation as often as possible while Fallen Bastila is around just to keep Corrupted Battle Meditation, fear, and her debuffs from spreading. This also helps to minimize her self healing from debuffs present on your team. I try to wait to kill Malak until last ideally, and when I do, I try to use big hits from a buffed Yoda to knock him out quickly. At under 50% a Direct Focus from Jedi Revan can usually wipe him out.

    Hope this helps out for those that struggle to climb or beat Darth Revans.

    For reference, my Jedi Revan is at 306 speed (341 effective speed), Yoda is at 276 (311 effective speed) and 6200 special damage, Thrawn at 291, Jolee at 214 (249 effective speed), Bastila at 240 (275 effective speed).

    There aren't many Darth Revans that will go faster than 341. Same with Fallen Bastilas faster than 311 (I've seen this though). But I make sure to check the opposing team first just in case for Arena (if I need to adjust the speed on Yoda at all). It would be pretty easy to push additional speed on Yoda, but I wanted to keep his offense as high as possible.
  2. Electricboa

    Electricboa Moderator Staff Member

    Dec 5, 2015
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    Another option is still Jedi Anakin. Even after the nerf, I've had success with him. It kind of overlaps with using Thrawn mod-wise. Instead of GMY getting your offense mod set, Anakin gets it. His AOE isn't as strong as it used to be, but with a lot of offense it still hits hard enough.

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