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New Profile Posts

  1. Glitch
  2. Glitch
    My Ally Code: 153-918-773
  3. Glitch
    Join Clan Morai, all welcome!
  4. MandalorianNinja
  5. ArifBoss157
    ArifBoss157 Skywlkr76
    Hi when I add friends is there a way we canbattle or no
    1. Dagor
      Nope, they currently don't have any sandbox mode. So unless your friend is part of your arena shard, there's no way to battle each other
      Jan 23, 2020
  6. ArifBoss157
    ArifBoss157 NeoCHI
    Is this group still active I recently started sgoh again
    1. Dagor
      We have a small active community here
      Jan 23, 2020
  7. Marc Tessier
    Marc Tessier
    Happy New Year one and all.
  8. Marc Tessier
    Marc Tessier
    On holiday for the next week or so. I shall return.
  9. Marc Tessier
    Marc Tessier
    Rework Mace Windu.
  10. Marc Tessier
    Marc Tessier
    General Skywalker. Show us his kit.
  11. Marc Tessier
    Marc Tessier
    The Negotiator
  12. Darthdane
    Darthdane Sippio 682-599-954
    We.may have a spot for you in PIIAP. Contact Darthdane#5612 on discord for more info. 130m GP fully heroic 600 daily no bullshyt
  13. Marc Tessier
  14. Ashman
    Ashman from DeathPunchRebels
  15. NielsDV
    Im looking for allies for my guild YodaLegacy
  16. Sippio 682-599-954
    Sippio 682-599-954
    -just returned to GOH after 1-2 years away.
  17. CrimsonLonewolf1
  18. Maxhell
    Gaming Geeks is a looking for 10-15 active members to join us, or merge with our clan. Ally Code: 921-626-719
  19. Marc Tessier
  20. Marc Tessier