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New Profile Posts

  1. Marc Tessier
    Marc Tessier
    The Negotiator
  2. Darthdane
    Darthdane Sippio 682-599-954
    We.may have a spot for you in PIIAP. Contact Darthdane#5612 on discord for more info. 130m GP fully heroic 600 daily no bullshyt
  3. Marc Tessier
  4. Ashman
    Ashman from DeathPunchRebels
  5. NielsDV
    Im looking for allies for my guild YodaLegacy
  6. Sippio 682-599-954
    Sippio 682-599-954
    -just returned to GOH after 1-2 years away.
  7. CrimsonLonewolf1
  8. Maxhell
    Gaming Geeks is a looking for 10-15 active members to join us, or merge with our clan. Ally Code: 921-626-719
  9. Marc Tessier
  10. Marc Tessier
  11. Marc Tessier
    Marc Tessier
    Happy New Year to our SWGoH gang. All the best in 2019.
  12. Emtinh
    Weston Rd. recruiting new active members! Level 85!!!
  13. Marc Tessier
    Marc Tessier
    Merry Christmas everyone!
  14. Marc Tessier
    Marc Tessier
    Finally finished Darth Traya's shards.
  15. Marc Tessier
  16. LiamStrikeForce
    Long live the Jedi
  17. CollinnOfENIGMA
    CollinnOfENIGMA Nightwolf
    Hey there! Wanted to reach out to you and talk about your guild! Get a hold of me whenever you have time k? Thx!
    1. Nightwolf
      Hello, sorry for the delay. Don’t check this that often. It would be easier to reach out to message me in the game. I’m in there everyday. What would you like to know about the guild?
      Oct 22, 2018
  18. Marc Tessier
  19. BloodHunter
    Currently looking for new members to join Millenium Y O L O. New guild but growing fast. Serious players only plz. My ally code 228-984-384
  20. Marc Tessier
    Marc Tessier
    I'm back from holiday. :)