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New Profile Posts

    My guild Southampton1976 has 3 vacancies for active players Lvl 80-85 power 800k+
  3. Bull
    So be it... Jedi
  4. CountRichard
    L4 active guild! GP=1.125m
  5. Tartarus
    At last we will reveal ourselves to the Jedi. At last we will have revenge.
  6. Marc Tessier
    Marc Tessier
    Just added a 7 star General Grievous to my cast of characters. Bring on the rework.
    My SWGOH 524-412-947
  8. Syph Illis
  9. Marc Tessier
    Marc Tessier Kevthejedi
    I deleted a couple of allies to make space for you. Feel free to add me. 616-414-628
    1. Kevthejedi
      Thanks, I don't actually need the allies, just offering out my toons to people who need them.
      Jan 31, 2018
  10. Jon Melkoth
    Jon Melkoth
    My Ally Code: 663-839-784
  11. Marc Tessier
    Marc Tessier
    Big rumor that Senator Padme Amidala is coming in a Marquee event and she will be needed to get Knightfall Vader in A Villain's Journey.
  12. Marc Tessier
    Marc Tessier
    My next Cantina node farm is going to be Kylo Ren Unmasked and TIE Silencer. This is a great deal -- 2 for 1 -- on a 10 energy node.
    1. AhnNu Rie
      AhnNu Rie
      Once I finish Vet Han, that's my next node, 75 shards to go and the Vets are done
      Jan 31, 2018
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    2. Kevthejedi
      This is also on my radar, I'm still on Vet Han though with Vet Chewie to go after him. Sith Trooper and Death Trooper are also desired. I actually miss mod farming!
      Feb 7, 2018
    3. Marc Tessier
      Marc Tessier
      Mod farming! Ugggh. I will probably do some of that after finishing Kylo Unmasked and Silencer. Then it will be Death Trooper, unless something else becomes a priority first, which wouldn't surprise me.
      Feb 7, 2018
  13. Marc Tessier
    Marc Tessier
    I just got Sith Trooper to 7 stars. Yeah baby!
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  14. AhnNu Rie
    AhnNu Rie
    Why does this always seem like another version of guild recruitment?
    1. Marc Tessier
      Marc Tessier
      We can make it our mission to fill it with other stuff and push the recruitment posts down. I think recruiters are looking for the extra visibility this space offers.
      Jan 28, 2018
  15. Adobe Juan Kanobe
    Adobe Juan Kanobe Scott Klemczak
    Hey Scott,
    Are you able to join after tw? Could you join our discord server so we can get to know you more. https://discord.gg/NXDSGu8
  16. Blasphemy
    Blasphemy Pumpkin
    We would be honored to have you. We are ready for haat but it would be great to get you in on them so we know we have it beat for sure. We've all grown together and we are all very very active. We do raids every night around reset,we all do 600 tickets a day. Our guild is called Game of Clönes and currently sitting at 52 mil power.
  17. Blasphemy
    Blasphemy Pumpkin
    Hey bro. Sorry i don't know how to work this site yet. I wrote you back 4 times but it was on someone elses thread apparently because they deleted it. My discord is BLASPHEMY#4552
  18. Adobe Juan Kanobe
    Adobe Juan Kanobe
    Trust the force.
  19. Blasphemy
    Blasphemy Pumpkin
    We would be happy to have you and that 2 mil power bro
  20. Blasphemy
    Looking for strong members to our guild. Game of Clönes we are a fun group and everyone is very active and contributes in daily events.